We are your one stop home inspection service provider. Using expertise and experience to inspect your home carefully, methodically and coming out with a detailed report is our hallmark and biggest testimony.

Delivering You 100% Value Always

We aim for excellence and leave no stone unturned in between

As your preferred home inspection partners we are aware of your requirements and expectations from home inspection. We take note of all aspects of your property and come up with a comprehensive report that allows you to make informed decisions. Our inspectors bring in years of experience to the table and always offer you an accurate evaluation report.

What We Offer?

  • – Termite Inspection
  • – Safety Inspection
  • – Pre-Listing Inspection
  • – Pre-Purchase Inspection
  • – Insurance Inspection
  • – Foreclosure Inspection


Our services are aimed at meeting the needs of clients in 1-4 family residential homes, condos, Co-Ops, and apartments. We offer a stress-free experience to our clients coupled with value for money.


    Our services are aimed at clients buying or selling a property as we come out with the correct valuation.


    Our maintenance inspection sees into your requirements and helps you prepare a budget for your property

  • Termite

    If termites are causing havoc in your life we shall inspect the problem and suggest you a solution.

  • Fire

    We undertake thorough fire inspections in your property to identify potential hazards and deal with them.

Home Inspection Services We Offer

We offer you a wide range of home inspection services that takes care of everything from your safety and hygiene to your lifestyle.

Will Exceed Your


Good is never good enough
and we have we have always
aimed at pushing the bar high.
We aspire to exceed your
expectations each time
you hire us.


We have a very industrious process that helps us cut down on the process time. We study the needs of our clients and engage them in the process to offer quality results.

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We always like to part ways with a smiling customer and this has been one of our core missions. We draw inspiration from the positive things that our customers have to say about our services.

  • Jerome Clark NY Hicksville

    “The guys at Platinum Home Inspections were of immense help when I and my wife were looking for our first property”

  • Carla Toward NY Woodbury

    “These guys would bowl you with their expertise. The way they dealt with the termite problem at our house was simply magnificent.”

  • Max Clark CEO of Web Biz

    “Mauris eget metus turpis. Aliquam elementum condimentum felis. Suspendisse in porta odio. Duis eget varius diam.”

  • Max Clark CEO of Web Biz

    “Mauris eget metus turpis. Aliquam elementum condimentum felis. Suspendisse in porta odio. Duis eget varius diam.”

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